The Shrine of Our Lady of Matara

The Shrine of Our Lady of Matara is a very historic Roman Catholic Church that is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. This famous church is located in the town of Matara, Sri Lanka, and it overlooks the Indian Ocean. Within the walls of this quaint, yet very colorful church, which has its own unique beauty that is breathtaking in description. The famed statute of the Our Lady of Matara is enshrined in this church. The shrine holds the statute of the Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus in her arms.

The statue of Our Lady of Matara is something that has its own mystery. This is because no one does know exactly where its origins came from originally. There are church officials that say The Shrine of Our Lady of Matara is 400 years old. This same very statue has survived a lot. It has been damaged, lost, and recovered more than once. Most recently, this was after the tsunami in Asia, which occurred in 2004. This not only damaged the shrine itself, but it also, did kill the 24 people who were attending Sunday Mass. The church that holds the amazing Shrine of Our Lady of Matara just celebrated its centenary year in 2007.

There are several experts from Europe who have stated that this Portuguese religious sculpture does belong to the early 17th century. The entire statute itself was cut out from a solid piece of ash wood. The mystery story that is associated with The Shrine of Our Lady of Matara statute is indeed a mystery. This is because it has a story tied to it that involves the sea. The legend behind this story is this. There was a big wooden crate that was hauled out to somehow. When the box was opened up, lo and behold, there was a statute of the Blessed Mother with baby Jesus inside of it. It had not been touched by the sea water at all. This statue was the handed over to the Parish Priest of Matara and it was then placed inside of St. Mary’s Church, Matara.

Another part of the very same legend does state that the beloved statute came on its own. It came directly from the waves of the sea and given over to the very devoted care of the Catholics of Ruhunu Rata. The lady who came over the waves was no other than The Shrine of Our Lady of Matara.

By the early 1900s, The Shrine of Our Lady of Matara, was something that had lots of fade and worn on it. This is because there were thousands of devotees touching and kissing it regularly for a very long time. The Shrine of Our Lady of Matara is a very special shrine indeed in every respect. What makes drawn to this statute is far more than just the fact that it is a beautiful religious statue. It is a statute that is reputed to have miraculous powers by the Catholics who live and dwell in Matara.

St. Mary’s Church is every inch not just a famous tourism spot. It is a very special place where people do gather for Sunday mass and that does house The Shrine of Our Lady of Matara. This church is also a wonderful place to have peaceful contemplation, lots of prayer, and also reflection as well.

There is a national church feast for The Shrine of Our Lady of Matara, which is given by the National Shrine of Our Lady of Matara. This festival is something that people look forward to having and celebrating each year. This is because The Shrine of Our Lady of Matara is a very beloved and revered Catholic shrine in every sense of the word. The Shine of Our Lady of Matara on display proudly during this festival. What is considered to be the most colorful part of the yearly feast is the orderly procession that does take place right after the vespers. There are thousands of Catholics, as well as, non-Catholics who line the streets of Matara in order to get a glimpse of the amazing Shrine of Our Lady of Matara. There is much fervor, as well as, for total devotion in getting to view the grand spectacle taking place.